Star Wars wall art

Star Wars Wall Art with Wood Canvas Reviews

Star Wars is an epic and one of the top movies in modern action movies. These movies became very favorite among the fans. People love these movies because of the action and the fantasy.

Fans loved these movies so much that they want to have the image of their favorite Star Wars character. They want their images in their room by their bedsides or beside their PC table and even to decorate their children’s rooms.

Let’s take a peek at some of the Star Wars wall art that a fan can choose to décor their room.

Star Wars wall art with wood canvas Review

1. The Stupell Home Décor Collection Black and White

The wall art is produced by The Stupell Home Decor Collection. This wall art is made in the USA and it is designed by the Artist Neil Shigley. It is designed with the black and white image of the distressed Darth Vander of the star wars. The image is printed over durable and sturdy MDF wood with high quality lithograph prints. The sides of the wall art are coated with a fresh layer of foil which provides a clean look.

This wall art is rectangular in shape and comes in many different sizes for a star wars fan. Installation process of this wall art is very easy because there will be no need to use extra hardware.

Key Features:

Brand: The Stupell Home Decor Collection

  • Wall art is designed with a black and white image of the Darth Vander of star wars movie.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Weight of the product varies on the size.
  • The frame is made of sturdy MDF wood which is very durable.
  • To give the wall art a clean look manufacturer used a fresh layer of foil to the sides.
  • The wall art is rectangular in shape.

2. The Stupell Home Décor Collection Black and White

This black and white wall art is based on the star wart character Stormtrooper. The wall art is rectangular in shape and available in different sizes. Manufacturer used high quality ink over the canvas to create this wall art. The frame of this wall art is made of a thick wooden frame. They cut the canvas with their hands without the help of any machine and then stretch it over the frame.

You just have to mount a nail to the wall to install it to the wall. Other hanging hardware is already mounted to the frame which makes the wall art installation ready.

Key Features:

Brand: The Stupell Home Decor Collection

  • Black and white image design with the character of Stromtrooper.
  • Available in many sizes with a rectangular shape.
  • Used high quality ink over high quality canvas to construct the wall art.
  • The wood made frame is 1.5” thick.
  • Instead of using a machine manufacturer used hands to cut the canvas and stretch it over the frame to avoid wrinkle.
  • 3. Star Wars Droids Prints - Set of 8 (8 inches x 10 inches)

  • Looking for a gift for a Star Wars fan? Then take a peek at these wall arts. These wall arts are designed with the image of the Star Wars droids. For a droid fan, these are the perfect gift. These will be the perfect wall art to decorate a child’s bedroom or to décor home theater.

    Manufacturer of these wall art is the BigWig Prints. Manufacturer used watercolor to print the wall arts. These wall arts are very durable and won’t fade. Manufacturer also provides 30 day money back guarantee. They won’t ask a question while returning the money.

    Key Features:

    Brand: BigWig Prints

    • Wall arts are designed with droids image of Star Wars.
    • The size of the wall arts is 8 inches by 10 inches.
    • Each of the wall arts is only 6 ounces weighted.
    • Will be a perfect gift for star wars fan.
    • Can be used to décor home theater and also a child room.
    Star Wars Wall Art

    Star Wars Wall Art

    Buying Guide for Star Wars wall art

    There is some consideration before buying a Star Wars wall art. Most of this consideration depends on the buyer. Let’s discuss about those considerations briefly.

    Favorite Character- While buying a Star Wars wall art the first thing one must consider is that the design of the character.

    All of the Star Wars fans have a specific character that they love most. If you want to gift a Star Wars wall art to a Star Wars fan the first thing you must consider is the character they love most. Also, if you want to decor your child’s room with wall art then choose the wall art depending on your child’s favorite character.

    Size of the wall art- The size depends on the wall you want to decorate. If you want to decorate your home theater then go with the big sized wall art. But if you want to decorate your room or your child’s room then choose the medium or the small ones.

    Where can I buy affordable wall art?

    There are many online sites on the internet thet produce wall art at an affordable rate. Some of the sites are Etsy, Society6, Amazon, Saatchi Art, Lumas, Urban Outfitters.

    From these sites, one can buy wall art at an affordable price. These online sites provide a huge variety of wall art at a low price. On these sites, a buyer will have many options to buy wall arts. Without these online wall art buying sites, there are also other sites from where one can buy wall art at an affordable price. So look for those sites and save your money.

    What is canvas wall art?

    A canvas wall art is an image print over a canvas. The image is printed over the canvas via an inkjet printer. The canvas printed images are permanent. The canvas wall arts are light weight. They are very easy to hang due to their weight. Canvas printed images don’t have any reflection. Canvas wall arts are very durable. Some of the canvas wall arts come with fade and UV resistence they are unimaginably very long lasting.

    Is there going to be a 10th Star Wars movie?

    For the fan of Star Wars, there is good news. The Disney has announced that they will produce the 10th Star Wars movie for the fans.

    People loved the Star Wars movie so much that they want the Star Wars movie in each year. Fans can’t wait for the next movie. To fulfill the need of the fans Disney made this decision. They confirmed that the next Star Wars movie will be released in 2023 Christmas.

    Final Words

    This article is for those Star Wars lovers who want to decorate their rooms with Star Wars wall art. We have described about some of the wall art of Star Wars. These can be used to decorate one’s home wall and home theater. Also, these arts can be used as gifts for a Star Wars fan.

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