Carved Wood Wall Art

Carved Wood Wall Art Modern Canvas Reviews

Wall art is a thing which is very trendy and unique in markets. Because these wall arts are the perfect thing to decorate your home or office or restaurant. They are very valued for money. Because they are very trendy, fashionable, and very much durable. Using a single wall of art can change the whole environment of your room or your office. So we have understood the value of the wall arts. The wall arts are mainly some paint or design or any kind of colorful structure that can be used as your home decoration item. Let's talk about these wall art categories.

Carved Wood Wall Art Review

What is Wood wall art

Among all kinds of wall art, wooden wall arts very famous and popular. The wooden wall arts are mainly made from wood or made on a wooden surface. These woods come from different kinds of trees. Some of the woods are perfect for use as wall art. But some of them need to go through some processes in order to become perfect for use as the wall arts. In tree wall art, carved wood wall art is another type of wall art.

What is curved wood wall art?

It is wooden wall art that is made by using different kinds of designs or structures on the wood. The artists use some instruments like the hand saw, pencil, knives, etc. They add some designs or sculptures on the wood in order to make the wood more beautiful and attractive.

Some of the artists use advanced cutting or graphics adding machines to make the art. But the handmade wooden arts have more demand than the others. Because they contain the proper design and graphics of the pure wooden art. Some of the wooden arts are so much expensive and unique because of the unique and high-quality materials.

Now let's talk about some of the carved wood wall arts and their brands below:

1. Old River Wall Art

This beautiful carved wooden wall art is made by the company named Old River Outdoors. It is simply wooden in color. It is available in single part and dual parts. It is also available in more than two pieces. the circular wall art shows the life cycle of a tree. The size dimension is 13.3 inches x 13.1 inches x 1.9 inches. And the total weight of this wall art is 1.54 pounds.

 Poly-resin is the main material that is used in this wall art. It can be a perfect choice for those users, who have the taste of unique things. Just hang up the art on the wall by using the metal hanger given in the back. It will make your living place beautiful easily. The art is perfect for your office, restaurant, party center, seminar hall too. the vintage theme of this art is enough beautiful to grab your attention easily.

It is very durable and long-lasting too. Because it doesn't have any sharp edges and will not get rusted easily because of the Poly-resin element. The whole structure has copper finishing too. This can be a great gift for your near and dear ones

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality durable poly-resin. So no chance of getting rusted easily
  • Easy to hang or install because of the metal hanger
  • Comes with rustic copper and verdigris finishing
  • A perfect gift to the family and friends

2. Deco 79 wood wall art

Deco 79 décor is a very famous company in India. They produce all kinds of decoration items and supply them all over the world. They are very demanding in the local markets. This wood wall art is the product of this company. The size of the wall art is 12" x 36". And the total weight is 1 pound.

 This wall art is very long in size. It has very beautiful wooden details in the art. Standard quality woods have been used for this art. The art is very light in weight and very easily movable. It can be a perfect thing to decorate your home or outdoor. For hanging it in the wall, there are two metal hooks attached at the top of the art. So it can be easily hanged or bring down.

Key Features:

  • Contain Standard quality woods
  • Easy to hang or bring down because of the metal hooks
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Perfect to use in any kind of area

3. Deco 79 white wood wall art

Another product from deco 79. But this one is different from the other wood wall arts. Because the main sculpture of this wall art is white-colored. The size of this wall art is 10 inches by 20 inches. And the weight is 1.44 pounds. It is manufactured by UMA Enterprise, inc. The outside part of this wall art is made from Chinese fir wood and iron has been used for the inner part.

The ivory white finished textured color gives the frame a very beautiful and fashionable look. It also has rustic touches in the outer wooden frame. That gives the wooden frame a very unique and stylish vibe. The iron scrollwork used in the frame gives a very charming look and suits the wall. If you are trendy enough and have good taste of unique designs, this wall art definitely for you. Use it in your living room or at parties and let your friends fall in love with it.

Key Features:

  • High-quality ivory white finished texture and Chinese fir wood have been used
  • Have unique rustic touches on the wooden part
  • Realistic iron scrollwork suit the wall and the other areas
  • Easy to attach on the wall because of the metal hooks on both sides
Carved Wood Wall Art

Carved Wood Wall Art

Buying guideline for Carved Wood Wall Art

So we have discussed about some of the brands of these curved wooden wall arts. Now let’s follow some of the terms before buying the best one for you.

The quality: Quality is the major term to follow first. Some of the woods are not good for perfect reliability and some of them lose their ability after periodic time. So check and judge the quality of the wood before buying.

Design: It also can be a term while buying the wood wall arts. Because the designs are updating day by day. So it will not be good of buying old designs instead of the latest ones

Easy installation method: Some of the wall arts don’t contain any kind of hook or hanger to hang them in the wall. Then the customers have to drill them or attach nails to them. This can damage the art. Therefore, it is good to choose those arts. That has an easy mounting system.

What oil can be used for wood carving?

Flaxseed oil is best for using in wood carving. The oil is used to protect the wood from getting any scratches and rust. It helps to keep the wood durable for a long time

What is the best natural wood finish?

For getting better wood finishing, some natural oil can be used. They are easy to get and very effective too. they are:

  • sunflower oil
  • linseed oil
  • jojoba oil
  • walnut oil
  • sesame oil etc

Final words

Carved wood wall arts are now a very popular and demanding product in the market. Because people like to use unique and innovative things in their places. And this thing definitely one of them. So choose your favorite one now before it gets finished.

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