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Paper Mache Wall Art Reviews

Previously paper mache was a part of kid’s craft. Kids used to create different types of toys and shapes for enjoyment. But it is not any more kids play. It has become a medium to decorate the home interior with creativity.

People use paper mache to decorate their room for a birthday party or for any occasion. Also, people use paper mache wall art as a gift now a day. Paper mache can be made by oneself and also they can be bought.

Here are some paper mache wall arts that can be bought from online. These carved wood wall arts are perfect for room decoration and also for gifts.

Paper Mache Wall Art Review

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Brownfolds DIY Paper Wall Trophy

Deer Head Wall Decor

13 Pieces 3D Paper Flowers Pink White with Trees 

Rainbows & Lilies Paper Flowers Decorations for Wall

Fonder Mols Navy Blue White Tissue Paper

1. Brownfolds DIY Paper Wall Trophy Origami Deer Head

This paper mache is a wall trophy of origami Deer Head. The pieces of the deer head are pre-cut. To assemble those pieces one needs to do it by themselves. To assemble the deer head one will need glue or any other adhesive. It will take a lot of time to complete the deer head. It comes with an instruction, that will help the person to attach the pieces quickly and easily.

The long process can make someone very bothering but if the person takes time and does the assembly with patients the person will be very happy and pleased with the final result.  This paper mache can be used as wall art and also as a lamp. It can be also a great gift.

Key Features:

Brand: Brownfolds

  • Paper made wall trophy is designed based on a deer head.
  • It is white in color.
  • Dimension of this wall art is 54cm by 32cm by 44cm.
  • Can take 5 to 7 hours to assemble it.
  • It needs glue or any adhesive to assemble it.
  • Comes with an instruction to assemble it easily.

2. 13 Pieces 3D Paper Flowers Pink White with Trees

This paper mache of flower wall art would be the perfect choice for those persons who want to decorate their home for a party. Also, a perfect choice for little kid's and girl's rooms. It can be used for baby shower and for bridal showers.

This is a package of 3D paper flowers. The package contains a total of 13 pieces including 5 flowers, 3 butterflies and 3 pink leaves. All of these can be bought on a friendly and affordable budget. The 3D flowers look totally real from a distance. One will definitely love the package. This package can be used as a wall décor or to décor a table. For assembling the package there is a video instruction that can be followed to make the work easy. The package would be a great gift for your loved ones.

Key Features:

Brand: Elehere

  • A package of 13 pieces of wall art.
  • Package contains flowers, butterflies, and leaves.
  • 3D flowers seem like real flowers.
  • Need to follow a video instruction to assemble it.
  • 4.8 ounces weighted package.
  • Can be used to décor a room for a party or to make the room beautiful.

3. Nimal Head Wall Art, Deer Head Wall Décor

For those people who love animals and mostly love Deer, this is a perfect wall art. They can show their love by hanging this art on the wall. The wall art is based on a deer head. The wall art looks very realistic because of the use of faux fur, felt and velvet. There are three different colors of the antlers. These colors are silver, golden and white. One can choose their favorite color to décor their interior wall.

There is a pre keyhole in the back of the head which helps the person to easily hang it in the wall. The wall art comes in a suitable size that can be hanged on any interior wall and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Key Features:


  • The realistic deer head is made of faux fur, felt and velvety.
  • Available in white, fold and silver colors of the antlers.
  • Pre-made keyhole to attach the wall art easily.
  • Dimension is 12" (T) x 10" (W) x 5.5" (D).
  • Comes with a year of warranty.
Paper Mache Wall Art

Paper Mache Wall Art

Buying Guide for Paper Mache wall art

There are some important things that a person must put in mind before buying a paper mache wall art.

Those Things Are

Size- Size is the first consideration. Without measuring the size if anyone buys a paper mache wall art then it would be foolishness. Paper mache wall arts are available in different sizes. Make sure to measure the area size where you want to attach the wall art or you will put the wall art. A big paper wall art will consume more space. Also, small wall art won't catch the eye of the guests. Therefore make sure to choose the right size according to the area.

Attaching Process- Attaching process is a very important consideration. Because it ensures that how long your paper wall art will be hanging on the wall. Some paper wall art needs adhesive or glue to be mounted in the wall. Gluing process is bothersome and takes time. It seems that after sometimes glue loses its durability and the paper wall art falls down. This will also reduce the durability of the wall art.

On the other hand, some paper wall arts come with a pre-made hole. These wall arts don't fall often and can last for a very long time. Also, it is very easy to hang.

Assemble process- There are two types of paper wall arts. One that needs to be assembled and the other which is pre-assembled. The self assemble paper wall art needs too much effort. It will take too much time to assemble the wall art. Sometimes it feels boring. But those paper wall arts that come with instruction will reduce the effort a little bit. Sometimes assembling the wall art is kind of fun if friends or family members help in the process.

On the other hand, the pre-assembled paper wall arts don't need any effort at all, as they are already prepared to be attached to the wall.

What Type of Pest is Best for Paper Mache?

Painting is necessary to give the paper art a nice look which will increase the beauty of the wall art even more. One can use numerous types of painting in their paper art. They can use watercolors, poster paints, oil paints and acrylic to provide a beautiful attractive look to their art. But one should make sure that the color they are using is non-toxic. As one will use their hand to paint, the toxic color can damage their skin.

How do you Make Paper Mache Wall Art?

It is quite easy to make paper mache wall art. But the process is time consuming. The materials one needs to create a paper mache or musical wall art are paper, paint and paste.

The process of creating a paper mache wall art is:

  • First of all, one needs to prepare the paste. To prepare the paste there are three processes. They are No-cook paste recipe, cook paste recipe and resin paper mache paste recipe.
  • After preparing the paste the next step is to strip the paper into pieces by tearing. The width of the strips may vary depending on the project size.
  • Then dip the strips of the paper one at a time in the paste to saturate them. Squeeze the extra paste out of the strips.
  • After that use the strips over the form you want to create. Use your fingers to make a layer of the form. Make sure to dry the layer. The drying process may be very lengthy. Once the layer is dried, then apply the second layer and also let the layer dry. Repeat the process till you get your desired form.
  • After you get your desired form it is time to paint the art and hang it to the wall.


This article is all about interior decoration via paper mache wall art. We have discussed about some paper mache wall art which can be a great element to decorate the interior walls for different occasions or just to increase the look of the beauty of one’s home. Also, we have provided a buying guideline that will help a person to choose the right type of paper mache wall art.

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